Are you planning to add a new luxury carpet to your remodelled home and still wondering where and how to start your shopping? Here are a few important things that you must know before you invest your hard earned money in expensive luxury carpets. When you visit a showroom you will find lots of samples of carpets and you will find varied range of qualities among them, from multiple mills to manufacturers to designers. But among them few you might like but might not be as good as you think it is so it is always good to educate yourself about the product and research properly before purchasing so that you know the exact quality, comfort, durability and value of the carpet. Here is a summary of what to check and expect when you visit a carpet dealer. Rug Use– When you visit the carpet dealer, be sure to know a few things as they are going to ask you a lot of questions like which room are you going to use it, will there be too much traffic in the room, is the room properly illuminated or its dark, is it a family room or a kid’s room, is it directly connected with the outside, are there kids or pets in the house etc. Do not feel targeted as they are only trying to know your exact want and what type of carpet would suit best for your home. But no matter how many questions they ask the point is that you know your home better and it is you who is going to spend the rest of your life with it. Research and understand what you want and let them know in details what are your expectations and what type of rug you are exactly looking for. Style and Colour- The styles and colours of your rug should be selected properly so that it enhances the look and feel of your home. Discuss with your dealer and let them understand how much traffic the room would get and whether it is best to go for a light coloured rug or a dark coloured. The choice of colour would also depend upon whether you have kids or pets in your home as a room with kids will be prone to too much spill and stains so bringing in a neutral or white rug would be just waste of money. Lighter coloured rugs would always require high maintenance but if you bring in a dark coloured because you have kids and it isn’t of good quality, your kid might end up covered in loose fibres that the rugs shed. Room size– You should bring a rug depending upon the size of the room which is why you should know your room size so that you purchase one that fits the room. Also for a smaller room lighter shade rugs are better as they make the room look larger and for large rooms bring in darker shade rugs as they make the room look cosier. Lighting fixtures– You should also have a proper knowledge of the lighting condition of the room as a room which is prone to lots of natural lighting would be great for a rug with varied colours as it would bring out the true colours of the carpet. If you are placing the carpet in a room with less light then go for neutral or light shade carpet as that would make the room feel brighter. Also remember that the lighting condition of the store do not match with your home lighting, so a rug that looked awesome at the store might not look good in your home. Ask the dealer if you could check it in a lighting box or you could also bring a sample and check at home. Sample work- When you visit a furnishing or fabric store, bring in swatches of fabrics, wallpapers as well as paint chips and check how they would look in your room. Match them with the carpet of your choice and see if they blend in well with the rest of the colour choices. Always remember that the colours you choose would make a great affect in your mood and you should always choose those that would keep your mind calm and refreshed. Just because your friend liked the colour and said that it would look great in your room, do not bring it home, because it might match well with your interiors but may not soothe your mind. Cost– There is various types of rugs and while few would cost you just a dime there are few that would cost millions. You should always understand the quality of the fibre and the method of creating the rug which are prime factors that determine its price. A dealer might ask you questions like whether you are installing them at your home or it is for the purpose of selling your home. You should fix your budget first and then understand which quality carpets would be affordable under the budget. If you are purchasing it for your living room then you should go for high cost woollen rugs as the area would be prone to high traffic. Also discuss earlier about the extra cost that would incur for padding, seaming, installation, removal of old carpet, transport etc. Go for good brands like Stainmaster as they warranty carpets that are long lasting as well as beautiful with great designs and patterns. You should let your dealer know the exact size and shape of your room so that they can determine the estimated cost of the carpet depending upon the size of the room and carpet. If you haven’t measured the size of the room then you can also avail services like Carpet calculator which gives an idea about which size carpet would go with the room. If you are still not sure then you can always ask a professional to visit your home and take the final measurements. Quality– While purchasing make sure that you select carpets of good grade and are affordable as well. When you visit a store many carpets might look similar but their quality might not be at par. The technology used and quality of yarn matters a lot in determining the quality of the rug. STAINMASTER carpets always have good grades as they have the most refined and finest of the carpets. You can trust their products because of their patented technology and the company stands to what they say. The most trusted technologies of STAINMASTER are, Nylon technology– This patented technology is such that they produce carpets which are crush resistant, doesn’t fade and are mostly abrasive wear. The nylon method makes the carpet better resilient and much softer than those made of synthetic or polyester. This type of carpet is also good for keeping soil and stains from entering the pile surface of the carpet thus making it durable. DuPont Teflon Protectant– This technology helps keep the carpet fibre resistant from dust and is more vacuum friendly thus making it low maintenance. It has a stain protection which gives the fibres ability to absorb less liquid thus increasing the ability to withstand stains. The stain protection last longer than the other kind of carpet protection found in the market and can also be reapplied after cleaning. Anti-Static Technology– In STAINMASTER the fibre used to create the carpet has a special type of compound made of carbon which has the potential of a thousand tiny rods making the life of carpet longer than other carpets as well as deflects static shock in it. mostly manufacturers spray this anti-static protection over the carpet which surely wears off after a certain period of time due to foot traffic as well as cleanings. This protection is important because your home is filled up with lots of expensive as well as inexpensive electronic accessories and you don’t want there to be any kind of short circuit from any of your gadgets while moving around. Anti-static lets the family stay in peace especially in a home where there are lots of electronic gadgets around.
Rugs are great accessories to enhance a space but they are expensive as well, especially those made of high quality materials. Well, buying a rug could be cost effective but buying a large room sized rug could surely make a hole in your wallet. They are obviously very beautiful but we would say they are not at all necessary. With these really easy and simple tricks, you can easily make your space look awestruck without getting the huge monster rug with price that is really unaffordable. Go green with jute rugs: Natural fiber rugs are always better, not just for your healthy environment at home but also to boost your home decor. So if you have found a rug and it is so beautiful that you cannot stop yourself from buying it but also cannot afford a large size than jute is your answer to this. Buy an inexpensive jute rug and layer in underneath the really awesome small statement rug. Do not be sad that it is a compromise rather think of it as a style statement and the layering would be actually better than the huge carpet. It would frame your statement rug and make it stand out. Smaller rugs are better: You should never think of buying one big room size rug because they are expensive and at the end you just pay too much money and the beauty of the room is not what you expect it to be. With smaller size you can buy either several of one style or mix and match various styles in one room. The smaller sized one would easily mold to any kind of space and match the room outstanding. You can spread them with proper sync and break-up your open concept into various different zones. Decide on the right space: If you have a space that is really very large you should always go for different types of rugs for each area, especially rooms that has unusual shape. Covering unusual space with one large rug could be really a pain but with smaller statement rugs you can easily cover the area and be done with it. For such rooms you can easily make custom rugs according to the size and shape of your room and get that perfect look you always wanted. Install rugs only where it really should be: Just because you love the comfort of carpets under your foot or because you have money to spend on, you should not go buy a rug. Don’t buy a huge room rug just because your friends had one installed. So rather than spending on every nook and corner of the room, get one really awesome custom rug with styles and patterns that enhance your personality and lifestyle. You can make one of any shape, size and style that you wish for and it would easily serve the purpose.
Business houses has millions of task to do in their day to day activities but the most prime activity that they have to do is marketing, because the sole of everything depends on the sale of the product or services they are offering. No matter how good their product/service is, people will not buy them until and unless they know about it. But while focusing too much on the bigger external branding campaigns they overlook the internal branding factors as well as the decoration of their interiors. Maintaining a healthy and awesome infrastructure with great decor makes the company an awesome work place, not just for the employees but anyone who visits. Nowadays most company compete with their rival partners through packaging, as in the outer layer should be so attractive that one cannot ignore overlooking it. And this is not something that is local but one should make it astounding even across the web. But many times the companies forget to focus on the public spaces of theirs which are the places that people visit most. Imagine you go to an office and the reception area is so shabby and dark with no interior creations, you wouldn’t be interested in the place. Places like this are so boring and plain that even the employees could be tired by just setting their eyes on it. Other than few signage and logo, nothing seems to be different among the competitors. Internal decorations are most of the times ignored by the company as waste of time and money but they play very crucial role in attracting customers or clients. There are also companies who rent the place so would hardly think of applying any permanent fixtures or changes to it. But we would say why think of permanent fixtures when you can get few things that could be easily transported to anywhere you go and make the place look brighter, better and exciting. The best and the most perfect way to create an exciting workplace interior are to add custom corporate logo rugs. Make a rug that has your logo printed on it or any tagline that goes in sync with your company and let it welcome the clients to your office. Having a custom made rug with your logo in it evaluates the position of your business internally as well as externally and it clearly shows that you take pride in your great identity. Also adding a colorful rug would simply lighten up the dull space making it look rich and aesthetic. To make a custom logo rug is really easy, especially when you already have a design of your own. Only thing that you would require is ask a specialist and check which place would elevate the space making it look like a priceless things. Also you need to check what type of shape and size would fit the space because since you are making a custom rug, you don’t have to bring any traditional size but can experiment on all possibilities. If you are ordering from an online site like Amasta GmbH, then you show them your own design and size. Each color or shade from which the rugs are made has a code of its own which makes the communication between you and the rug making company easier. Manufacturers from Nepal and India would usually use these codes to select colors in local or international market before designing the rug on a canvas. Once they have the design, they can give textures and separation to it by highlighting the text which will give the rug a feel of three dimensions making it look better than you have imagined. Once the product is complete, the company will ship them to your workplace by air or sea. Sometime they even send them to custom rug specialist who in turn checks the quality and delivers them to your home or office.
Rugs can offer a multitude of purposes for a home décor. Other than offering an enhancement to the room design it also provides comfort and warmth to the underfoot, a non-slippery surface at all your entryways and a utility by lessening sound pollution. It defines a space and gives an aesthetic touch to the whole ambiance. It clearly is a tight rope of creativity that ties fashion with comfort. What rugs do!  Carpets are a gem among any home décor assets giving the space a very practical purpose with its utility and design. It anchors the furnishing of a house and warmly denotes the parameters of a room, like dividing the area into dining and living yet blending each of them together. It silently enhances the décor of any room but it can do that only when the carpet is of exact size that it should be. Adding any kind of rug would not make the area look beautiful but when you get a custom rug, it blends in everything present in the room by adding visual intrigue, softening any kind of hard surfaces and giving warmth to the colour scheme. It is also a sound proof item and decreases the foot pollution giving the benefit of noise reduction in rooms which have hard flooring like wooden floors. Rugs are multipurpose priceless pieces that come in any size, colour, shape, colour and pattern and become an added value to any room which it becomes a part of. Tips to help you choose the right rug Rugs come in various design and you can also ask any rug making company to create one for you. But when you are investing so much in that piece of beauty, you should always know how to choose the right rug for you. If you are making a rug of premium wool, you should be aware that it would be with you for almost a lifetime and would defy your lifestyle as well. So before buying the rug consider the context of the room and where you will place it. Imagine your rug and ask yourself, do you want it to be a centerpiece, whether you want it add a texture to the flooring or complement the furniture, whether it should be the masterpiece that would let people all the other pros and cons of the room? Think of your own style and what you love, how much and how often you would spend in the maintenance of the rug. Always remember that though high-pile rugs are a luxurious addition, if the space has lots of footfall, you should always go for low or flat weave rugs as they minimizes the fear of wear and tear as well as are easy for maintenance. Designing your custom rug Among all the projects that we have dealt so far, custom rugs were the once which are incorporated the most in any interior design scheme. Artisans here have experience of years and every piece of element that is made here has its own uniqueness and is artfully selected to provide a unique and modern touch to the interiors. People usually come with designs that they already have in mind or with images of rugs that they want us to make but even if you don’t have any particular design, we can guide you along the steps. With thousands of different colours, fibers and quality to choose from, the possibility of creating the most beautiful piece is endless. Even if you want intricate details like a particular flower at a particular corner or a shape that has not sizes, you can create the piece without any hassle. When it comes to rug, visual appeal is not the only priceless thing about it but also the practicality of feeling the warmth underfoot every morning. A rug’s defying principle is bounded by both proportion and practicality. Also finding the perfect rug for your home décor is not easy thing and if you are struggling since long to get that rug, you should definitely go for custom rug.
Decided to buy a rug and wondering what size to get or where to get it? Let us help you understand how to order and which rug companies are the best to provide you your desired area rugs. Area rugs are a piece of art to your mundane house making it look astounding like never before but many a time you fall into the loose ends where you don’t know how to order one or where to order one. You might also fall in love with a particular rug which suits your style and your ambiance but when it comes to designing the exact piece according to your size is another hassle filled wok. You have to be very confident about the company because you are giving them to create a piece and trust is essential in such cases. Oriental rugs companies from around the world provide world class rug designs and it could be made into any size, design and pattern. Here are a few questions that you should definitely ask your pro designers before deciding to buy one. The very first thing you should do if you want to design a rug is to order it online. Retailers who deal online have varieties much better than any traditional rug trader. Also online traders provide much better prices than other rug makers. Before ordering your final product, ask them to send you sample swatches so that you can check the material as well as colours because many times the colour that you see at screen is different than the actual colour. If they will not be able to send in any samples then ask them about the knot count, what material is will be made of if, who would make the rug and which country production is it. Do always check that they maintain proper and reliable customer service, have very much flexible return policies and also good warranty of the products. Sometime rug company ask for advance, so be assured that it is not a fake company. You might be worried about the design accuracy and promised quality as you have not checked it on your own, which is why you should always go for traders who have high ratings as well as wide catalogue collection. Colour becomes the most risky sector when you design a rug. Also when it comes to custom rugs the companies mostly get orders related to sizing rather than designs. But you are sure to follow the custom design pattern then you should have a clear understanding of the way it is made and the colour schemes as well. When you are designing a custom rug, you make sure to get it from a trustworthy retailer who has proper and good knowledge of rug making, whose artisans has good knowledge of home décor and craftsman has numerous experience in designing.
Carpets are for sure very essential for any home either for comfort or for design but they are assets that could easily transform the space from dull to fabulous. Rugs are really amazing, bringing in a warmth to the house and also create a beautiful impact to the home décor. Along with enhancing the beauty of the home, you can also reduce foot traffic, make it a welcoming cushion for the toddlers and enlighten the room design with the most attractive visual effect. But you should also know to choose the right quality of rug and with the following tips you would easily excel in the skill. You should know to get the right stuff Rugs are made of different fibers and as the quality of fiber increases the price increase. But rugs that are made of synthetic, nylon or polypropylene come very cheap and you can easily get many of them and change the appearance of the room every now and then. They are materials which are UV and water resistant as well, so if you have a kid around the house who is always up to lots of mischief, these kind of affordable rugs are opt for you, as they can easily mask off the dirt and are easy to clean. There are rugs which are being made of plant based fibers like jute, bamboo and sisal. If you or any of your family members are allergic to fibers, these are the kind of rug which you should go for. They are very unique type of rugs but the only thing is that they have a shorter duration that other kind of rugs. The rugs made of plant fibers are bio-degradable and could be easily reused as other renewable resource once their duration as rug is over. They look really wonderful at places like outdoor patios and sunrooms as they have the capacity to shed water very easily. The best of all fiber is the wool and they are the masters in setting up the best ambiance for any home décor. They are always stain resistant with high traffic control capacity and gives a sift padding because it is thick and doesn’t easily flatten up. Wool fiber rugs can last for decades and can easily be passed on from generation to generation as family heirlooms. When comfort is concern, quality matters as well! Whether you are looking for rugs for a shorter duration or for longer duration, rug companies have everything that you want. But whatever might be you want, quality should always be considered primarily. Rugs can be found both handmade and machine made but you should always know that rugs that are handmade are of far superior quality than machine made. Hand-knotted rugs are jewels that would enlighten your home design and would last longer than any other rugs. Hand knotted rug making technique is very ancient and artisans making them have experience of years making it the best pattern that is used in most contemporary rugs. Hand-tufted rugs are 2nd best to hand-knotted rugs and they are usually partly handmade and partly machine made. When you go buy or order any custom rugs you need to check the pattern because there are few rugs which are hand-tufted but are sold as handmade. You can check the underside of the rug and if the sequences are in perfect pattern then you would know that they are not handmade because usually handmade rugs misses few beats as when made by hand they cannot be complete perfect. The least costly of all rugs are those which are machine made as they are of least quality and found in bulk. They look refined but they are not of longer duration as well as they do not have the essence a rug that could easily enhance any room design. Always remember to check the Rug Mark attached in the level or it because if not then they might be made by children and you might end up buying something that you would regret later. When quality and materials are decided, sizes come next Rugs are beauty defying objects of the house and they are used to enhance a room’s interior. They are solely for giving a focal point to the room and blending in everything thing with everything else. So always go for rugs which are perfect for the room setting because without measuring the exact size you want, you would end up buying a rug that is either too large or too small for your space. Also check that the colors blend in well with the wall color and furniture because they need to complement each other to make the house perfect. Getting a custom rug is the best option as you can ask for the color, size, shape and pattern that you want. They could be made in shape or size you want, there are endless possibilities of what size you want and you can get any. Never forget to consider the comfort level and get a rug that is thick and warm. Like for example if you are placing a rug in your bedroom then it should be always at least 3 feet bigger than your bed on all corners so that it is exposed and every morning when you land your feet, you can feel the comfort of it. Rug pads are always required You should always get rug pads as they provide comfort as well as prevent the rug from slipping from its place. They are floor savers and if you have kids in the house you should definitely get one or one might easily slip and fall. They keep the rug intact and the maintenance of the rug is also lessened with extra pads below it. They are usually made of synthetic material and very sleek with great gripping capacity.
Designer rugs have recently become a status symbol for every home maker. Inserting a perfect rug which would enhance the look and feel of the house is a dream that everyone wants to fulfil. When inserting a designer rug, one need to check all the other design elements of the home as in elements like wall to wall carpeting, furnisher setting, wall colors etc. Installing a rug at your home is a task which is really very challenging so you need to contact experts who would help you set in the exact way you want. Big rug traders who have years of experience in rug fabricator are exposed to lots of on-site jobs where they have to set rugs of various sizes at interiors that one just can’t get around with short-cuts. You should definitely check these tips that would help you avoid all the hassles and headaches.Tip #1 Installation is a very hard process and it is always advisable to go to an experienced carpenter for installation. You should also plan your strategy properly and get the rug of size that would fit the area and not look out of place. Don’t let the installer do it on their own, always be available during the whole process and always be prepared that there might be few last minutes changes. Tip #2 Know about the cuts of your carpet before beginning the installation and if you are planning for a total installation then you should be especially careful of the process and check them on your own. If you are ordering for a room then it might not be such a hectic issue as you would be only ordering carpets that would be enough for that room. Tip #3 There are few people who like to add different parameters around the border of the room, which you can pre-bevel before the whole installation process starts. If you are planning to have more than one border then ask the carpet makers to seam or bevel it at the workshop itself and not keep it for the last minute installation. You should also see that you have exact size of the room so that it doesn’t end up being too large for the area or too small to fit in. Tip #4 Whatever design you want to be done on the carpet should be explained properly and if possible send them the image of the design from which you have got the inspiration. Try prefabricating every minute detail that you want them to implement in your area rug, like if you want flowers at the corners or patterns in the middle. Ask them to show you the design once it is complete and whether every detail has been included or not. If the designs are exactly what you want and they are not very large in size then you can get it installed without any hassle. Tip #5 If you want to get your area rug inset into the existing wall to wall carpet then you should do a clear research of it first. Let the fabricator examine your existing carpet and whether it is in good condition or not.
A rug could easily elevate the total look of an interior. Just the insertion of one item can easily enhance a mediocre setting to a masterpiece. Area rugs are elements which could make your home interior turn to fab. It could simply make your home décor an eye-catching element that anyone would envy just by setting their eye on it. Finding a piece of beauty that is totally unique and special is a hard catch but with custom rugs you have the perfect opportunity to make that dream project come true. Every designer and decorating enthusiast has that burning urge to get the perfect piece of furniture that could be amasterpiece but with custom made services now one can easily make what they desire without any strain or hassle. While decorating the interior of a room it is really very difficult to find every piece of art at economical prices and make an ensemble of perfection out of it. There are furniture’s that are too expensive and would just blow up your total budget. But one piece of extravagant custom rug could provide you all the necessary beauty sectors that you wish to add to the home design. You can get the benefit of all handmade creativities at an affordable price with custom designed rugs. When you design your own room with your unique decorating ideas you can very beautifully blend in the colors, styles, patterns and furniture in your own way and sprinkle up a sense of individuality upon it as well. Frankly it would be your den to the heaven of comfort that you would want to enter to once you are back home after a day’s work. Rugs can be made of any size and design and could also be easily intricate into any design we want matching it with fabrics and fittings of your choice. Many times people fall in love with a particular rug but sadly the color in it doesn’t match with the home interiors but in such cases you can easily make a custom rug with the same design but different fabrics that blends with your interior. Many designers design their own rugs right from scratch using various kind of artwork they are inspired from. But out of many get ideas from various different things like logos, or taglines or tattoo or children’s book or paintings. The possibilities of getting inspiring ideas from various adversities of life are endless. Once you have mapped the design into the blueprint, you need to choose the colors that would look stunningly awesome with the interior of your home. Traders dealing in custom rugs have thousands of shades in their pomp boxes with fibers of various materials. You can easily choose the materials and colors that would match with your room setting. Rugs are made of various techniques but the most premium and best rugs come out of hand-tufted and hand-knotted ones. They usually take around 10-12 weeks to complete but they are rugs that could be used for generations and yet would look as refreshing as ever.
Healthy Home, Money Saving and Eco-friendliness are Bonus points/ premium Beyond doubt, Carpet adds Visual weight to the Interior Decoration. However, No Single-word adjective can be attributed to manufacturers of Carpets they are creators, thinkers and Magicians of fabric. Carpet is one of the legacies of the Royal Courts of kings in ancient past and is an integral part of Interior Design in the modern era. There are plenty of tasks in Interior Designing which an individual cannot ignore or put off.  Carpet flooring is one of them. However, a question pops up in the mind. What Value can Carpet Flooring add to Interior Designing?  Answer is manifold. It exports Antiquity and art treasure.  Carpet flooring gives a face lift to Interior Decoration. It infuses new life into the home and keeps your home look vibrant. Carpets are used in Industrial and Commercial establishments for instance retail stores and hotels.  Moreover, it deters the growth of Bacteria and dust mites at home which cause asthma and allergy.
A good interior design is something everyone aspires and wishes to have in their houses, whether they are building a new house, or renovating an old house. It is very important to have beautiful interiors in your house for your own happiness and for the feel good factor for your visitors, be it your friends, relatives or family. One of the most special thing among good interiors is the kind of flooring you have in your house. It is as important as the color of the wall, the furniture, the lights, etc. Among flooring the most special thing is the type of hand-made carpet you aspire to put. Buying a hand-made carpet is a very special event. Because a hand-made carpet is a kind of investment that is going to be in your house for many years to come, a decade or may be more.! So it is very important to find a carpet that fits perfect for your house. The size, color, design and theme of the hand-made carpet should be as per the color scheme of the walls, the furniture, or the lights. Also the material selected for the carpet (be it silk, wool, etc) shall be as per your preferences, like weather conditions, area traffic or the liking by you and your family. At Amasta GmbH you can find hand-made carpets of all range be it multiple sizes, designs or materials. Amasta can also assist you in deciding what kind of carpet would fit best for your place. So with Amasta make you carpet buying event even more special and add charm to your place with our carpets for many years to come.