Designer rugs have recently become a status symbol for every home maker. Inserting a perfect rug which would enhance the look and feel of the house is a dream that everyone wants to fulfil. When inserting a designer rug, one need to check all the other design elements of the home as in elements like wall to wall carpeting, furnisher setting, wall colors etc. Installing a rug at your home is a task which is really very challenging so you need to contact experts who would help you set in the exact way you want. Big rug traders who have years of experience in rug fabricator are exposed to lots of on-site jobs where they have to set rugs of various sizes at interiors that one just can’t get around with short-cuts. You should definitely check these tips that would help you avoid all the hassles and headaches.Tip #1 Installation is a very hard process and it is always advisable to go to an experienced carpenter for installation. You should also plan your strategy properly and get the rug of size that would fit the area and not look out of place. Don’t let the installer do it on their own, always be available during the whole process and always be prepared that there might be few last minutes changes. Tip #2 Know about the cuts of your carpet before beginning the installation and if you are planning for a total installation then you should be especially careful of the process and check them on your own. If you are ordering for a room then it might not be such a hectic issue as you would be only ordering carpets that would be enough for that room. Tip #3 There are few people who like to add different parameters around the border of the room, which you can pre-bevel before the whole installation process starts. If you are planning to have more than one border then ask the carpet makers to seam or bevel it at the workshop itself and not keep it for the last minute installation. You should also see that you have exact size of the room so that it doesn’t end up being too large for the area or too small to fit in. Tip #4 Whatever design you want to be done on the carpet should be explained properly and if possible send them the image of the design from which you have got the inspiration. Try prefabricating every minute detail that you want them to implement in your area rug, like if you want flowers at the corners or patterns in the middle. Ask them to show you the design once it is complete and whether every detail has been included or not. If the designs are exactly what you want and they are not very large in size then you can get it installed without any hassle. Tip #5 If you want to get your area rug inset into the existing wall to wall carpet then you should do a clear research of it first. Let the fabricator examine your existing carpet and whether it is in good condition or not.