Carpets are for sure very essential for any home either for comfort or for design but they are assets that could easily transform the space from dull to fabulous. Rugs are really amazing, bringing in a warmth to the house and also create a beautiful impact to the home décor. Along with enhancing the beauty of the home, you can also reduce foot traffic, make it a welcoming cushion for the toddlers and enlighten the room design with the most attractive visual effect. But you should also know to choose the right quality of rug and with the following tips you would easily excel in the skill.

You should know to get the right stuff

Rugs are made of different fibers and as the quality of fiber increases the price increase. But rugs that are made of synthetic, nylon or polypropylene come very cheap and you can easily get many of them and change the appearance of the room every now and then. They are materials which are UV and water resistant as well, so if you have a kid around the house who is always up to lots of mischief, these kind of affordable rugs are opt for you, as they can easily mask off the dirt and are easy to clean.

There are rugs which are being made of plant based fibers like jute, bamboo and sisal. If you or any of your family members are allergic to fibers, these are the kind of rug which you should go for. They are very unique type of rugs but the only thing is that they have a shorter duration that other kind of rugs. The rugs made of plant fibers are bio-degradable and could be easily reused as other renewable resource once their duration as rug is over. They look really wonderful at places like outdoor patios and sunrooms as they have the capacity to shed water very easily.

The best of all fiber is the wool and they are the masters in setting up the best ambiance for any home décor. They are always stain resistant with high traffic control capacity and gives a sift padding because it is thick and doesn’t easily flatten up. Wool fiber rugs can last for decades and can easily be passed on from generation to generation as family heirlooms.

When comfort is concern, quality matters as well!

Whether you are looking for rugs for a shorter duration or for longer duration, rug companies have everything that you want. But whatever might be you want, quality should always be considered primarily. Rugs can be found both handmade and machine made but you should always know that rugs that are handmade are of far superior quality than machine made. Hand-knotted rugs are jewels that would enlighten your home design and would last longer than any other rugs. Hand knotted rug making technique is very ancient and artisans making them have experience of years making it the best pattern that is used in most contemporary rugs.

Hand-tufted rugs are 2nd best to hand-knotted rugs and they are usually partly handmade and partly machine made. When you go buy or order any custom rugs you need to check the pattern because there are few rugs which are hand-tufted but are sold as handmade. You can check the underside of the rug and if the sequences are in perfect pattern then you would know that they are not handmade because usually handmade rugs misses few beats as when made by hand they cannot be complete perfect.

The least costly of all rugs are those which are machine made as they are of least quality and found in bulk. They look refined but they are not of longer duration as well as they do not have the essence a rug that could easily enhance any room design. Always remember to check the Rug Mark attached in the level or it because if not then they might be made by children and you might end up buying something that you would regret later.

When quality and materials are decided, sizes come next

Rugs are beauty defying objects of the house and they are used to enhance a room’s interior. They are solely for giving a focal point to the room and blending in everything thing with everything else. So always go for rugs which are perfect for the room setting because without measuring the exact size you want, you would end up buying a rug that is either too large or too small for your space. Also check that the colors blend in well with the wall color and furniture because they need to complement each other to make the house perfect. Getting a custom rug is the best option as you can ask for the color, size, shape and pattern that you want. They could be made in shape or size you want, there are endless possibilities of what size you want and you can get any. Never forget to consider the comfort level and get a rug that is thick and warm.

Like for example if you are placing a rug in your bedroom then it should be always at least 3 feet bigger than your bed on all corners so that it is exposed and every morning when you land your feet, you can feel the comfort of it.

Rug pads are always required

You should always get rug pads as they provide comfort as well as prevent the rug from slipping from its place. They are floor savers and if you have kids in the house you should definitely get one or one might easily slip and fall. They keep the rug intact and the maintenance of the rug is also lessened with extra pads below it. They are usually made of synthetic material and very sleek with great gripping capacity.