Decided to buy a rug and wondering what size to get or where to get it? Let us help you understand how to order and which rug companies are the best to provide you your desired area rugs.

Area rugs are a piece of art to your mundane house making it look astounding like never before but many a time you fall into the loose ends where you don’t know how to order one or where to order one. You might also fall in love with a particular rug which suits your style and your ambiance but when it comes to designing the exact piece according to your size is another hassle filled wok. You have to be very confident about the company because you are giving them to create a piece and trust is essential in such cases. Oriental rugs companies from around the world provide world class rug designs and it could be made into any size, design and pattern. Here are a few questions that you should definitely ask your pro designers before deciding to buy one.

  • The very first thing you should do if you want to design a rug is to order it online. Retailers who deal online have varieties much better than any traditional rug trader. Also online traders provide much better prices than other rug makers.
  • Before ordering your final product, ask them to send you sample swatches so that you can check the material as well as colours because many times the colour that you see at screen is different than the actual colour.
  • If they will not be able to send in any samples then ask them about the knot count, what material is will be made of if, who would make the rug and which country production is it.
  • Do always check that they maintain proper and reliable customer service, have very much flexible return policies and also good warranty of the products. Sometime rug company ask for advance, so be assured that it is not a fake company.
  • You might be worried about the design accuracy and promised quality as you have not checked it on your own, which is why you should always go for traders who have high ratings as well as wide catalogue collection.
  • Colour becomes the most risky sector when you design a rug. Also when it comes to custom rugs the companies mostly get orders related to sizing rather than designs. But you are sure to follow the custom design pattern then you should have a clear understanding of the way it is made and the colour schemes as well.
  • When you are designing a custom rug, you make sure to get it from a trustworthy retailer who has proper and good knowledge of rug making, whose artisans has good knowledge of home décor and craftsman has numerous experience in designing.