Rugs can offer a multitude of purposes for a home décor. Other than offering an enhancement to the room design it also provides comfort and warmth to the underfoot, a non-slippery surface at all your entryways and a utility by lessening sound pollution. It defines a space and gives an aesthetic touch to the whole ambiance. It clearly is a tight rope of creativity that ties fashion with comfort.

What rugs do!  Carpets are a gem among any home décor assets giving the space a very practical purpose with its utility and design. It anchors the furnishing of a house and warmly denotes the parameters of a room, like dividing the area into dining and living yet blending each of them together. It silently enhances the décor of any room but it can do that only when the carpet is of exact size that it should be. Adding any kind of rug would not make the area look beautiful but when you get a custom rug, it blends in everything present in the room by adding visual intrigue, softening any kind of hard surfaces and giving warmth to the colour scheme. It is also a sound proof item and decreases the foot pollution giving the benefit of noise reduction in rooms which have hard flooring like wooden floors. Rugs are multipurpose priceless pieces that come in any size, colour, shape, colour and pattern and become an added value to any room which it becomes a part of.

Tips to help you choose the right rug

Rugs come in various design and you can also ask any rug making company to create one for you. But when you are investing so much in that piece of beauty, you should always know how to choose the right rug for you. If you are making a rug of premium wool, you should be aware that it would be with you for almost a lifetime and would defy your lifestyle as well. So before buying the rug consider the context of the room and where you will place it. Imagine your rug and ask yourself, do you want it to be a centerpiece, whether you want it add a texture to the flooring or complement the furniture, whether it should be the masterpiece that would let people all the other pros and cons of the room? Think of your own style and what you love, how much and how often you would spend in the maintenance of the rug. Always remember that though high-pile rugs are a luxurious addition, if the space has lots of footfall, you should always go for low or flat weave rugs as they minimizes the fear of wear and tear as well as are easy for maintenance.

Designing your custom rug

Among all the projects that we have dealt so far, custom rugs were the once which are incorporated the most in any interior design scheme. Artisans here have experience of years and every piece of element that is made here has its own uniqueness and is artfully selected to provide a unique and modern touch to the interiors. People usually come with designs that they already have in mind or with images of rugs that they want us to make but even if you don’t have any particular design, we can guide you along the steps. With thousands of different colours, fibers and quality to choose from, the possibility of creating the most beautiful piece is endless. Even if you want intricate details like a particular flower at a particular corner or a shape that has not sizes, you can create the piece without any hassle.

When it comes to rug, visual appeal is not the only priceless thing about it but also the practicality of feeling the warmth underfoot every morning. A rug’s defying principle is bounded by both proportion and practicality. Also finding the perfect rug for your home décor is not easy thing and if you are struggling since long to get that rug, you should definitely go for custom rug.