Rugs are great accessories to enhance a space but they are expensive as well, especially those made of high quality materials. Well, buying a rug could be cost effective but buying a large room sized rug could surely make a hole in your wallet. They are obviously very beautiful but we would say they are not at all necessary. With these really easy and simple tricks, you can easily make your space look awestruck without getting the huge monster rug with price that is really unaffordable.

Go green with jute rugs: Natural fiber rugs are always better, not just for your healthy environment at home but also to boost your home decor. So if you have found a rug and it is so beautiful that you cannot stop yourself from buying it but also cannot afford a large size than jute is your answer to this. Buy an inexpensive jute rug and layer in underneath the really awesome small statement rug. Do not be sad that it is a compromise rather think of it as a style statement and the layering would be actually better than the huge carpet. It would frame your statement rug and make it stand out.

Smaller rugs are better: You should never think of buying one big room size rug because they are expensive and at the end you just pay too much money and the beauty of the room is not what you expect it to be. With smaller size you can buy either several of one style or mix and match various styles in one room. The smaller sized one would easily mold to any kind of space and match the room outstanding. You can spread them with proper sync and break-up your open concept into various different zones.

Decide on the right space: If you have a space that is really very large you should always go for different types of rugs for each area, especially rooms that has unusual shape. Covering unusual space with one large rug could be really a pain but with smaller statement rugs you can easily cover the area and be done with it. For such rooms you can easily make custom rugs according to the size and shape of your room and get that perfect look you always wanted.

Install rugs only where it really should be: Just because you love the comfort of carpets under your foot or because you have money to spend on, you should not go buy a rug. Don’t buy a huge room rug just because your friends had one installed. So rather than spending on every nook and corner of the room, get one really awesome custom rug with styles and patterns that enhance your personality and lifestyle. You can make one of any shape, size and style that you wish for and it would easily serve the purpose.