Are you planning to add a new luxury carpet to your remodelled home and still wondering where and how to start your shopping? Here are a few important things that you must know before you invest your hard earned money in expensive luxury carpets.

When you visit a showroom you will find lots of samples of carpets and you will find varied range of qualities among them, from multiple mills to manufacturers to designers. But among them few you might like but might not be as good as you think it is so it is always good to educate yourself about the product and research properly before purchasing so that you know the exact quality, comfort, durability and value of the carpet.

Here is a summary of what to check and expect when you visit a carpet dealer.

Rug Use– When you visit the carpet dealer, be sure to know a few things as they are going to ask you a lot of questions like which room are you going to use it, will there be too much traffic in the room, is the room properly illuminated or its dark, is it a family room or a kid’s room, is it directly connected with the outside, are there kids or pets in the house etc.

Do not feel targeted as they are only trying to know your exact want and what type of carpet would suit best for your home. But no matter how many questions they ask the point is that you know your home better and it is you who is going to spend the rest of your life with it. Research and understand what you want and let them know in details what are your expectations and what type of rug you are exactly looking for.

Style and Colour- The styles and colours of your rug should be selected properly so that it enhances the look and feel of your home. Discuss with your dealer and let them understand how much traffic the room would get and whether it is best to go for a light coloured rug or a dark coloured. The choice of colour would also depend upon whether you have kids or pets in your home as a room with kids will be prone to too much spill and stains so bringing in a neutral or white rug would be just waste of money. Lighter coloured rugs would always require high maintenance but if you bring in a dark coloured because you have kids and it isn’t of good quality, your kid might end up covered in loose fibres that the rugs shed.

Room size– You should bring a rug depending upon the size of the room which is why you should know your room size so that you purchase one that fits the room. Also for a smaller room lighter shade rugs are better as they make the room look larger and for large rooms bring in darker shade rugs as they make the room look cosier.

Lighting fixtures– You should also have a proper knowledge of the lighting condition of the room as a room which is prone to lots of natural lighting would be great for a rug with varied colours as it would bring out the true colours of the carpet. If you are placing the carpet in a room with less light then go for neutral or light shade carpet as that would make the room feel brighter. Also remember that the lighting condition of the store do not match with your home lighting, so a rug that looked awesome at the store might not look good in your home. Ask the dealer if you could check it in a lighting box or you could also bring a sample and check at home.

Sample work- When you visit a furnishing or fabric store, bring in swatches of fabrics, wallpapers as well as paint chips and check how they would look in your room. Match them with the carpet of your choice and see if they blend in well with the rest of the colour choices. Always remember that the colours you choose would make a great affect in your mood and you should always choose those that would keep your mind calm and refreshed. Just because your friend liked the colour and said that it would look great in your room, do not bring it home, because it might match well with your interiors but may not soothe your mind.

Cost– There is various types of rugs and while few would cost you just a dime there are few that would cost millions. You should always understand the quality of the fibre and the method of creating the rug which are prime factors that determine its price. A dealer might ask you questions like whether you are installing them at your home or it is for the purpose of selling your home. You should fix your budget first and then understand which quality carpets would be affordable under the budget. If you are purchasing it for your living room then you should go for high cost woollen rugs as the area would be prone to high traffic. Also discuss earlier about the extra cost that would incur for padding, seaming, installation, removal of old carpet, transport etc.

Go for good brands like Stainmaster as they warranty carpets that are long lasting as well as beautiful with great designs and patterns. You should let your dealer know the exact size and shape of your room so that they can determine the estimated cost of the carpet depending upon the size of the room and carpet.

If you haven’t measured the size of the room then you can also avail services like Carpet calculator which gives an idea about which size carpet would go with the room. If you are still not sure then you can always ask a professional to visit your home and take the final measurements.

Quality– While purchasing make sure that you select carpets of good grade and are affordable as well. When you visit a store many carpets might look similar but their quality might not be at par. The technology used and quality of yarn matters a lot in determining the quality of the rug. STAINMASTER carpets always have good grades as they have the most refined and finest of the carpets. You can trust their products because of their patented technology and the company stands to what they say. The most trusted technologies of STAINMASTER are,

  1. Nylon technology– This patented technology is such that they produce carpets which are crush resistant, doesn’t fade and are mostly abrasive wear. The nylon method makes the carpet better resilient and much softer than those made of synthetic or polyester. This type of carpet is also good for keeping soil and stains from entering the pile surface of the carpet thus making it durable.
  2. DuPont Teflon Protectant– This technology helps keep the carpet fibre resistant from dust and is more vacuum friendly thus making it low maintenance. It has a stain protection which gives the fibres ability to absorb less liquid thus increasing the ability to withstand stains. The stain protection last longer than the other kind of carpet protection found in the market and can also be reapplied after cleaning.

Anti-Static Technology– In STAINMASTER the fibre used to create the carpet has a special type of compound made of carbon which has the potential of a thousand tiny rods making the life of carpet longer than other carpets as well as deflects static shock in it. mostly manufacturers spray this anti-static protection over the carpet which surely wears off after a certain period of time due to foot traffic as well as cleanings. This protection is important because your home is filled up with lots of expensive as well as inexpensive electronic accessories and you don’t want there to be any kind of short circuit from any of your gadgets while moving around. Anti-static lets the family stay in peace especially in a home where there are lots of electronic gadgets around.