Amasta is a socially responsible organization that aspires to transform the lives of artisans. Amasta  firmly believes in making the local people a participant in the growth process of the organisation and works as a facilitator of socio-economic transformation of rural parts. In accordance with the firm’s social objectives, Amasta  has launched several projects for sustained socio-economic and cultural development of local communities engaged in carpet production. Training the unemployed youth and convincing the parents to send their children to school and helping them financially to do so among other initiatives  have recorded growing success.

Under its sustainable development programme, Amasta  has taken up several initiatives with the aim to bring about qualitative improvement in the lives of  the artisans.  Amasta  focuses on education, health. environment protection, sanitation programs,   sports and cultural development programs. Amasta is committed to contribute towards increasing growth and progress in the rural society and touched the lives of numerous  artisans.  Amasta identify the needs of communities,  plan projects and facilitates their implementations..